Creative Science Keynote

June 7, 2024
4:00 pm — 5:00 pm
3rd Floor, WSA 161 Water Street, NYC, 10038

DEMO2024 Keynote Presentations serve as the meeting point between various disciplines, areas of inquiry, creative practices, generations, and career levels. Our invited speakers share their knowledge to bring further context to the ideas and projects incubated at NEW INC, as well as offer an additional perspective garnered from experience, passion, and illuminating creative work in their own fields.

Precious Okoyomon delivers their keynote conversation in alignment with the principles of our Creative Science Track. Having a world-opening practice, Okoyomon will discuss their meticulous practice of reinscribing the gallery or museum space to form a micro-ecosystem with both indigenous and invasive species, reflecting back to us an investigation of colonialization and the natural world.