Cooperative Studies Track Talks

June 5, 2024
5:45 pm — 6:30 pm
3rd Floor, WSA 161 Water Street, NYC, 10038

Our NEW INC member cohort consists of 5 unique Tracks or focus areas guided by a Mentor-in-Residence: Art & Code, Cooperative Studies, Creative Science, Social Architecture, and XR (Extended Realities). At the core of DEMO, members share their individual projects during Track Talks which are followed by a group conversation moderated by the Track Mentor-in-Residence.

In partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, our Cooperative Studies track explores community and worker-centered cooperative models for governing, funding, planning, and collective ownership. Following presentations by Duty Free, Gabriella Nelson, Jamica El, Mahx Capacity, Molly Ragan, the Track’s Mentor-in-Residence Caroline Woolard will moderate a group discussion.