Art & Code Track Talks

June 6, 2024
3:15 pm — 4:00 pm
3rd Floor, WSA 161 Water Street, NYC, 10038

Our NEW INC member cohort consists of 5 unique Tracks or focus areas guided by a Mentor-in-Residence: Art & Code, Cooperative Studies, Creative Science, Social Architecture, and XR (Extended Realities). At the core of DEMO, members share their individual projects during Track Talks which are followed by a group conversation moderated by the Track Mentor-in-Residence.

Hosted in partnership with Rhizome, our Art & Code track explores how creative practitioners experiment with computational techniques, computers, and the digital sphere to develop new and unique methods of artmaking, art presentation, distribution, and digital preservation. Following presentations by Babette Thomas, Chia Amisola, Elekhlekha, Maya Man, and Ruby Thelot, the Track’s Mentor-in-Residence Eileen Isagon Skyers will moderate a group discussion.