Tao Leigh Goffe

Tao Leigh Goffe is an interdisciplinary sound artist who was born in London. Raised between the UK and NYC, she lives and works in Manhattan. Centering sound technologies, ecosystems, and sexuality, her creative practice and methods are research-based, dialogic, and site-specific. Goffe produces videos, sound sculptures, and installations that foreground digital tools as a way of critiquing the origins of the climate crisis and overlapping European colonialisms by creating sonic kinship beyond captivity. Her art engages spatially on questions of theory, geology, burial, race, and colonialism and she is preoccupied with how metadata and other taxonomies function as colonial sorting tools that attempt to segregate life.

Goffe’s work was recently included in Reimagining Nanny: Her Sword – A Seed at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston, Jamaica, an exhibition that re-imagined the botanical legacy of the eighteenth-century warrior Queen Nanny of the Maroons. She has been commissioned to make work that addresses natural history and sonic speculative environments as an artist-in-residence at Columbia University (2022-2024). As a member of the Creative Science track of the New Museum's incubator on art and technology, NEW INC, Goffe uses art to explore these questions. She is Associate Professor at Hunter College, CUNY where she directs the Dark Laboratory [https://www.darklaboratory.com/]. Goffe received her PhD from Yale University and her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.