Rasu Jilani

Rasu Jilani is a pioneering Social Sculptor, Cultural Producer, and an influential Arts Leader, whose efforts are geared towards integrating art, culture, and civic participation to foster innovative and equitable communities across Brooklyn. As the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), Jilani champions local artists, propelling the organization towards a vision where creativity is foundational to just and thriving communities. His dedication to nurturing inclusive communities and promoting racial equity through art and culture has earned him recognition, including the Mellon Civic Arts & Humanities Fellowship and the New Museum’s IdeasCity Civic Fellowship.

Jilani's multifaceted career also includes co-founding Men at Work Healing, an initiative redefining manhood through purpose, storytelling, healing, and community support, and Coup d’Etat BROOKLYN, a grassroots lifestyle brand and art collective. His work transcends traditional boundaries, addressing critical societal issues and demonstrating a relentless commitment to leveraging art for civic engagement, dialogue, and transformation.

Beyond leading BAC, Jilani's prior roles have significantly shaped his approach to cultural strategy and creative ecosystem development. As the Cultural Network Curator at the Lambent Foundation and the Director of Recruiting and Community Engagement at NEW INC, he fostered collaboration, learning, and diversity within the arts and tech sectors. Recognized as one of Brooklyn's 50 most fascinating people by Brooklyn Magazine in 2023, Rasu Jilani's contributions continue to inspire the next generation of artists, designers, and cultural entrepreneurs, cementing his status as a vital force for positive change in Brooklyn and beyond.