RaFia Santana

RaFia Santana is a Brooklyn-born audiovisual artist using photographic mirror work, repetition, and performance to self-soothe, seek pleasure, and crack jokes throughout their experiences with sensory overload and chronic illness.

Through their use of high-saturated colors, intimate self portraiture, and worldly musical productions, RaFia redirects energy and attention as if the conductor of their own orchestra. Preferring art that can fit in one's pocket, RaFia utilizes stickers, wearable pins, and other small paraphernalia to distribute their works. RaFia constructs time-based loops that "breathe", both representing and calming hyperarousal. RaFia transforms many of these loops into audio-reactive animations that display behind them during a performance.

With their candid visualizations of the self and compulsion to edit, RaFia is in full control of their image.