Ngozi Olojede

Ngozi Olojede is an American-born South African-ish Nigerian spatial designer based in Brooklyn. Their work hinges on the psychology and politics surrounding space-making, covering the breadth of the design process from concept development to implementation. For the last five years they have worked with artists, communities, design firms, creative agencies, and non-profits to create immersive spatial experiences. Their practice spans architecture, landscape design, exhibition design, production & set design and experience design with projects across New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Lagos, and Lungi-town in Sierra Leone.

Ngozi is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where they double majored in International Relations & African Studies. Through NEW INC they are developing Studio Ogan, a spatial design studio embedding marginalized narratives into the built environment through design and art. Itunu is the studio’s debut project.