Kevin Wiesner and Lukas Bentel

Kevin and Lukas are the joint Co-Chief Creative Officers of MSCHF, and part of the founding group, alongside Gabe Whaley and Stephen Tetreault.

The two have worked together since their time in university, where they each participated in a joint program between the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. Lukas obtained degrees in Furniture Design and also Computer Music & Multimedia, and Kevin in Industrial Design as well as Materials Engineering. They developed a joint artistic practice that used mass internet distribution channels as a working medium, and created an artist group called Hello Velocity. Lukas and Kevin, as Hello Velocity, were part of the second year cohort of New Inc, an arts and tech incubator created by the New Museum Of Contemporary Art in New York. Since MSCHF’s founding in 2019, Kevin and Lukas have defined the group’s artistic and conceptual direction, and shaped its underlying sense of humor. MSCHF as a collective contains members from a diverse array of fields. Lukas and Kevin come from perhaps the most art-world backgrounds in the collective – though far from traditional – and their experience can be seen reflected in MSCHF’s work, which can trace a clear lineage back to speculative design, performance art, relational aesthetics, business art, and modernist readymades, even as it invents a new model for how creative work exists online and in the world.