Mischa Kuma

Mischa is a refugee, designer and creative technologist who examines reciprocal relationships between nature and technology, and their influences on human identity, emotions, experiences, biology, culture, and community. Her goal is to create speculative objects and awe inspiring, multi-sensory, narrative-rich ecosystems that encourage its inhabitants to redefine the boundaries between digital and physical, engineered and organic, grown and assembled, playful and logical. These experiences become a powerful tool of self reflection posing provocative “IF” questions to investigate complex issues, inspect our values, explore new aesthetic possibilities, and become a catalyst to redefine our relationship to reality, and offer an opportunity to envision alternative futures. Mischa wants to reconnect people with nature through the process known as rewilding and reframe design process to invite nature as a collaborator, and embrace growth, regeneration and decay as part of the process.