Mahx Capacity


Mahx Capacity a founder and the current Creative Director of AORTA films. A white, fat, trans/non-binary, taurean pleasure prince, they’re obsessed with wielding queer porn to send cultural fault lines out into the world to disrupt it for the better. Working at the intersections of sextech and regenerative economics with a background in experimental performance, Mahx is drawn to queer porn’s capacity for destabilizing pleasure, fierce vulnerability, and complex humanity.

Founded in 2015, AORTA films creates internationally award-winning, independent queer porn: lusty, opulent, ethical, fuckery. Centering queer performers across a wide range of bodies and identities, AORTA films offers inventive explicit programming including 85+ short & feature films, a queer clip library, semi-annual film festival, guest artist series, commercial work, workshops, and more.