Julia Kaganskiy

Julia Kaganskiy is a curator and cultural strategist working across art, design and technology. She is the Director of Media and Production at Antikythera, a philosophy of technology think tank focused on planetary computation at Berggruen Institute. Until recently, she was curator-at-large at LAS Art Foundation in Berlin where she led R&D projects and co-edited the book Interspecies Future: A Primer. She previously served as the founding Director of NEW INC (2014-2018) and the founding Editor-in-Chief of VICE Media's Creators Project (2010-2013). She has curated exhibitions at HEK Basel, Matadero Madrid, Fondación Telefonica, 180 Strand, Borusan Contemporary, Science Gallery Dublin, MANA Contemporary, and Eyebeam Center for Art & Technology, and others.