Jamica El

Jamica El (all pronouns) is a researcher, strategist, and artist who partners with creatives, brands, and organizations to develop research, experiences, and publications that highlight more loving and liberatory ways to exist. A recovering technologist, Jamica’s work has been highlighted by Forbes, Blavity, Buzzfeed, and GitHub. A practicing futurist, Jamica honed her foresight and design futurism skills at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA.

Jamica's independent practice, muvaboard, is a research and design lab collecting, synthesizing, and activating data for purposeful impact. Their research-based storytelling takes shape through worldbuilding in publications, ephemeral experiences, and installations centering fictional societies, organizations, and companies. At its core, muvaboard utilizes data, objects, and art to imagine new futures for people living on the margins.

Jamica also serves as the Creative Director at RUNWAY, a financial innovation firm using reparative capital to build an economy that loves Black people. Jamica’s personal art practices include collage, neon sculpture, and turntablism. They spend free time in fellowship with filmmaking, vinyl records, and loving sister-friends. In addition to expanding their own creative and investigative practices, Jamica hopes her work will serve as a home for neighboring brands and institutions to remain curious about Black futures.